What Causes Pain In The Lower Back, And Which Mattress Is Best For It?

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Around 80 percent of all adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, according to the Neurological Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NINDS). This makes it the most common cause of disability associated with employment. Lower back pain is so prevalent that over 25 percent of individuals reported having lower back pain in the last three months in an extensive survey. Whether it is a pulled muscle or a more serious spinal disorder, most of us are familiar with lower back pain.

Two types of back pain are available: acute and chronic. According to the Mayo Clinic, acute back pain is defined as a sudden onset of pain that persists for six weeks or less. A light injury is the most common cause of acute pain in the back. Perhaps, a fall or a pulled muscle does not alter the structure of the muscles or the spine.More serious is chronic back pain that lasts for 12 weeks or longer. Around 20 percent of individuals who suffer from acute lower back pain will develop chronic back pain that can last for over a year, as NINDS explains. Some are assisted by surgery, physical therapy, and other treatments. Yet, they are intrusive, time-consuming, and are not a treatment that is guaranteed.

The Reasons Behind Lower Back Pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, these are the most common among the many potential causes of lower back pain:

  • The Ligament or Muscle Pulled
  • Inactive lifestyles contribute to weak backs that are more prone to a muscle or ligament being pulled. Heavy lifting is a widespread cause.
  • Prevention by Prevention
  • The best way to prevent this kind of acute back pain is to exercise periodically to strengthen your back.
  • Bulging disc or a herniated disc

Disks are what the soft tissue between the vertebrae is called. Discs provide cushioning and flexibility between the bones. There are nerves, right next to the discs, that run down the spine and leave each vertebra. Disks can bulge or rupture sometimes, and they cause neck or back pain when they press against the nerves.


According to the Back Pain Relief Institute, the prevention of herniated discs is again linked to strengthening the back through regular exercise.


The cartilage and eventually the bones are slowly worn away by osteoarthritis (OA), causing pain and swelling. In the end, OA in the back will affect up to 85 percent of individuals, according to the National Institute of Health.


There is no chance of complete avoidance of OA. However, as stated by the University of Rochester Medical Center, there are precautions that you may take to slow the onset:

  • Maintain the weight of a balanced body
  • Control the sugar in your blood
  • Keeping active
  • Avoiding injuries


Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones by lowering bones’ development and density, as described by the National Osteoporosis Foundation. The bones are getting fragile and thin. About 54 million individuals in the United States have osteoporosis and reduced bone density.


To minimize the effects of osteoporosis, you can:

1. Regularly practice workout

2. Eat a healthy diet rich in calcium, vitamin D, and

3. Take vitamins in the

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